So yesterday while at work I was talking with one of my homies who is a producer/composer and he said something that struck me..”Yo man I am done with music, it’s not fun anymore and I am sick of the politics”..being an artist I have had this feeling many of times but I asked him what happened to make him feel this way..”The music industry is like playing the lottery..everybody is doing it and random cats are winning” This statement being very funny is also true. Due to technology making music is easier than it has ever been. It gives someone the ability to become a “producer” or “rapper” without ever leaving their bedroom..

This brings up another discussion I had with my fam after reading a tweet about wack unsigned hype artist on worldstarhiphop bringing down the value of hip-hop and over saturating the genre.. The tweet came from a reputable source of someone who works in the music industry so obviously I took time to read in to what he was saying.. It wasn’t that he was displeased with an artists honest effort to create music but angered by the mimicking that a lot of new artist do. I think Jay-Z said something to the degree of “People want to be the Jay-z of right now but not trying to do the work of Jay-z from 15 years ago” This just simply means people are trying to be the final product without the process..Why would a new artist do a video symbolizing that they are a super boss and no one ever heard of you? Just be believable and most importantly BE YOU! Now on the other side a lot of successful artists have fabricated their pasts and sort of exaggerated some truths as well…This is still an industry that fuels its fans off of perception!

While thinking about all this stuff the other day I started to feel confused and even asked myself why I wanted to do this so bad..Then I answered my own question in that thought..This is not what I do its who I am..The end result was my favorite therapy..MAKING MUSIC. I was able to take all these thoughts and ideas and channeled it back to the beats..At the end of the night all was well and I could care less about all the other bullshit! So to all my people with a dream never let it die..other peoples success or failures have no affect on your GOAL!! BE GREAT and BE YOU!!

I wanna finish this with a dope quote my cousin hit me with while talking about all this “Go to and see how many shoe brands there are…you think Nike worried? Superior product can’t be denied.”-@Jasonthepm This makes absolute sense!! The superior product will win all the time..just keep working hard! And to my producer homie @jealousrobots you make SUPERIOR PRODUCT!!